Entre 2011 et 2019, j’ai travaillé sur un doctorat interuniversitaire en histoire de l’art. Je place ici le brouillon de ma thèse. Vous pouvez consulter le plan complet du projet et une description de mon parcours. N’oubliez pas qu’il s’agit d’un brouillon.

4.5 L’exposition de 1889: une exposition éducative

En 1883, l’AAM exprime clairement son désir d’autonomie financière. Elle ne peut dépendre de la seule philanthropie pour survivre :

In conclusion, the Council desire to express their belief that the position of the Association is yearly becoming more assured, and that it is winning its way with the more enlightened portion of the community. At the same time, much remains to be done before it can be worthy of the object for which it was founded, and of a city so large and so wealthy as Montreal. it should be borne in mind that no such organization as ours can really prosper unless it keeps pace with the progress of art and art-culture. To attain this result fresh pictures must be constantly added to the Gallery. The necessary supply of such works cannot depend on the uncertain generosity of occasional benefactors, but should be defrayed out of the funds of the Association. As art, if living, is ever advancing, a society intended to promote and encourage it must never rest satisfied with past efforts, but must be continually aiming at wider fields of enterprise, more perfect appliances, and fresh treasures of excellence. It is therefore to be regretted that the number of ordinary members of the Association falls rather below that of last year. The educational benefits which can be conferred by such an association are manifold, and it is hoped that its membership will yearly increase, and its area of usefulness be ever extending1.